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Trip Somers • December 14, 2008 • News / Announcements

My two big baseball interests are pitching and economics. This site intends to inspire discussion of these topics while also providing an avenue for education.

The first article on this site is meant to inspire personal education when it comes to pitching mechanics. There are so many different and contradictory opinions, personal education is the only way to sort through and make sense of them.

In the future, pitching articles will focus on biomechanics, mechanical analysis, and training methods.

The economics articles will be based on Vince Gennaro's work in Diamond Dollars: The Economics of Winning in Baseball and will include discussions of the win-curve and player valuations among other topics.

I have also prepared a reading list. It is not a complete list, and it will grow over time. A book's inclusion on this list is not necessarily an endorsement of its content or concepts, but instead, is an endorsement of the book as a resource for learning and evaluation - even if a given book may be somewhat dated.

Since I am a life-long Rangers fan, my focus, more often than not, will be on the Texas Rangers. Other Rangers fans should check out Baseball Time in Arlington.